Thailand has a rich and diverse culture, especially when it comes to food. The country has some iconic meals served in restaurants and also on the streets. The diversity of Thai cuisine is brought about by a variety of textures and flavors available. It is difficult to find two different exotic dishes with a similar taste. Their delicious nature and uniqueness makes the food popular and thus highly consumed. Apart from satisfaction, some of these foods serve other purposes. The best exotic Thai cuisine includes the following.

Best Exotic Food in Thailand


Cricket is a popular delicacy in Thailand. The preparation of crickets is similar to what is done elsewhere. The only difference is in the choice of spices to use. Crickets are prepared through deep frying. The food is also referred to as Jing Reed and is mostly cooked in the North-East part of Thailand. When fried, the insects become crunchy, and they taste like popcorn. Insect food is ideal for travelers because it can be served to take away.


Exotic Durian is popularly prepared in Thailand. Durian is a tasty fruit, but some people do not like it due to its bad smell. As a tourist, it is advisable not to carry this food around, especially when traveling by public means. The smell may make other travelers have a rough trip.


Grilled Bananas

Bananas are popular around the world. What makes Thai bananas unique is that they are served grilled or even fried. The bananas grilled are of the Saba variety and are best when ripe. They can also be prepared by dipping in coconut milk for dessert. Grilled or fried bananas can be eaten as a snack.

Mango Sticky Rice

While visiting Thailand, ensure you have a taste of the sticky mango rice. This does not belong to the exotic category but is a dessert mainly consumed by visitors. It is usually short rice prepared in a way that it becomes sticky. The sticky feature makes it possible for you to make a ball shape. While eating, it should be dipped in a sauce of your choice.

Papaya Salad

The papaya salad is a unique Thai food commonly eaten by holidaymakers. It has four different tastes; spicy, sour, salty, and sweet. These different tastes are brought by tomatoes, chili, lime juice, papaya, sugar, and fish sauce.


Grasshoppers are an exotic Thai appetizer. Before taking any meal, eat a well-prepared grasshopper to boost your appetite. Grasshoppers are almost similar to crickets. They are also deep-fried and then seasoned using chili powder. Scientists have confirmed the health benefits of taking grasshoppers since they have useful minerals and high protein levels.


Tom Yum Goong

This is an irresistible exotic Thailand food. Its spicy nature makes it desirable. It is prepared with several ingredients, with the main ones being basil leaves, prawns, a variety of vegetables, and chili.

Crocodile BBQ

This is an exotic meal in Thailand that is known to cure respiratory illnesses. Also, it helps to improve the flow of the blood and to reduce the risk of heart diseases. The protein content is standard and has low cholesterol.