Thailand has cliffs, a crystalline sea, and a tropical beach landscape. It also has rocky bays near the coast. Thailand, being a tropical and Asian country, has all kinds of landscapes, but those of the beaches are special. Probably the most touristic place of all Thailand, which involves the beach, sun, mountains, and a unique landscape is the Phan Nga Bay, located in the Phan Nga Province. Find out more about this paradisiacal place in this article.

Where in Thailand Is Phan Nga Bay Located?

In the south of the country, Phan Nga Bay occupies an area of 400 km2, which is mainly on the Andaman Sea. It mainly covers a space that runs from the Island of Phuket to the mainland.

Geographically, this bay is part of the province of Phan Nga. Most of the bay is located in the territory of the Ao Phang Nga National Park, which gives it environmental protection by the government of Thailand.

History and Past of the Bay

The name of the bay is derived from a transliteration of the Thai language. “Phan Nga” originated from the word “pagan.” This name would have been given by outsiders to refer to the tribes that lived in the bay. The whole region has gained prominence in recent decades. The bay became very popular after it appeared in a James Bond movie, and one of the islands was unofficially named as James Bond Island.

Why Is It So Touristy?

Because it’s beautiful, and it’s a unique place in the world. Finding islands that have truly great cliffs over the sea is not common, and even less so if they are over a crystalline sea.

But beyond that, one of the characteristics that make Phan Nga Bay a special place are the caves that are found on its islands. These caves are usually passageways, and also a refuge for all kinds of fauna and flora species.

Great Biodiversity Throughout the Bay

One of the greatest things about Phan Nga Bay is that being a national park and with very little human intervention, it is a refuge for all kinds of animal and plant species. Birds have a home, and there are at least 80 different species concentrated throughout the bay.

Biodiversity is also seen in the different types of mangroves that exist. However, the most important are the endangered species, such as the Dugong, or the Chinese Serow.

Where to Go in the Phan Nga Bay?

The bay is a very large and remote territory, but it has some completely visitable tourist sites. Phuket is one of the main centers where tours to the bay start. The main destinations are James Bond Island, with its characteristic vertical shape, and you can also reach the small town of Koh Panyee, known for having houses built over the sea.

What Else Is There to Know About the Phan Nga Province?

Phan Nga Province has many national parks, located on the coast. Apart from Phan Nga Bay, there is the Mo Ko Surin National Park, composed of an archipelago of five islands, Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Mueang National Park which has different waterfalls as its attractions, and the Mu Ko Similan National Park, another group of nine islands.